Holidays in The Dinevi Resort

  • The DINEVI RESORT is a newly built holiday resort in St.Vlas, incorporating more than 40 apartment complexes, located on the first, second and third lines to the sea. This is a different place. A place with an individuality and a character all of its own, like no other on our Southern Black Sea coast. Dinevi Resort is a family resort of a higher standard with a club atmosphere, an oasis of greenery and beach life second to none. The resort is constructed in traditional Bulgarian architectural style and coexists happily alongside the beautiful and modern yacht port Marina Dinevi.

    Here centralized management and the presence of everything needed for good living and holidays justifies choosing the Dinevi Resort as a separate destination. The resort has developed into a very prominent location on the Bulgarian coastline and one that has forever changed the look of St.Vlas.

  • In 2003, realizing the natural advantages of St. Vlas, two brothers, Dinko Dinev and Yordan Dinev, were the first in Bulgaria to start developing gated residential complexes. The complexes have studios, apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, penthouses and family villas. 

    Inspired by love of their country and the value of family life the brothers developed St Vlas in a fundamentally different way to the dense construction of neighbouring Sunny Beach. Their vision was a fully functioning small settlement by the sea with lots of landscaped greenery and open spaces between the buildings. They named it after themselves, the Dinevi Resort.  The complexes’ style follows the Bulgarian architectural tradition – no more than 5 floors in height, relaxed white rendered facades overlooking the sea, balcony arches and the picturesque combination of stone and wood details. It is no coincidence that the first complex is called the Monastery. The complex has a small sanctified chapel in memory of the ancient monastery which once existed at the same place.

    Greenery is everywhere. All complexes boast large gardens enveloping the swimming-pools and winding pathways among the flowers. Because of St.Vlas’s amphitheatrical terrain many apartments on the second and third lines have the bonus of sea views towards the horizon. And the horizon.. the daytime view is beautiful, but the evening view of the horizon, dotted with the playful lights of Sunny Beach and Nessebar, is absolutely astonishing!

  • The crowning culmination of Dinevi Resort is the yacht port Marina Dinevi. The Marina Dinevi is the most modern port on the Black Sea with a well-known promenade by the beach and the yachts. This is a popular place to visit day and night, offering 8 gourmet restaurants, 3 night clubs, boutiques and yet more attractions. The Marina Dinevi has established itself as the high-class entertainment venue on our southern Black Sea coast and is key to the development of the resort.

    • More than 40 apartment complexes on the first, second and third line to the sea, with a total of 30 swimming pools, 15 dining establishments and extensive parking.
    • 2 first-class Blue Flag beaches, with total length of 3km, Caribbean – styled.
    • The Palace-Marina Dinevi Hotel, a five star boutique hotel on the very seafront boulevard at the Marina Dinevi.
    • The ARENA open amphitheatrE with 500 seats and professional entertainment equipment
    • The Alley of the Nations on the Marina Dinevi, with bas-reliefs depicting Bulgarian national heroes Vasil Levski and Hristo Botev together with 11 more heroes from other nationalities who impacted upon St.Vlas and our country.
    • An Eastern-orthodox church with the relics of two saints, sanctified by the Ecumenical Patriarch himself in 2010.
    • The Paradise Spa center with mud treatment and all massages and therapies occupying 600sq m in the ‘Arena’ complex.
    • A fully developed business offering limousine rental and private yacht chartering, including the possibility to charter one of the biggest yachts under the Bulgarian flag, Ferretti 830.
    • The Bellagio Casino. The Madzhurov Medical center. 3 supermarkets. 24/7 security over the whole resort. Kids playgrounds. Shops and boutiques. Activity programme for children and adults. Free WiFi.
  • With its distinctive style and layout and with all the services in one place Dinevi Resort has no comparison in Bulgaria. It is a first-class venue for yachting, gourmet dining and quality night life, a high-standard residential town and a summer vacation ‘hotel’ all at once. This is also a place to acquire a second home as a safe and liquid investment.

    For us it is important for you to understand that Dinevi Resort is not built as a commercial project. Rather it is built as a family place delivering the best for living and holidaying, attracting free-spirited people with good taste and families with a preference for individualism and tranquility.

    From the brave dream of two patriotic Bulgarians, after just 14 years of development, this resort now has the potential to be compared with established destinations from all over Europe and to be called the Bulgarian St.Tropez.  The family company continues to develop the Dinevi Resort as the most attractive club destination on all the Black Sea coast.

Holidays in St. Vlas

  • St.VLAS is the fastest developing summer resort in Bulgaria. The small town is cuddled in the eastern foothills of the Stara Planina mountains, with the last folds of the mountains descending to the sandy beaches of the Black Sea. St.Vlas is only 4km away from Sunny Beach, Bulgaria’s most popular summer resort and 6km from Nessebar and its ancient city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • St.Vlas stayed in the shadow of Sunny Beach until around the year 2000. After that the small town rediscovered its natural and historic uniqueness and began to promote itself through a stunning development programme, which continues to this day.

    • St.Vlas is a holy place. More than 29 medieval monasteries and script centres existed on these lands. According to historians, St. Vlas is also the oldest settlement in this part of the country. The town is named after St. Vlasiy, an ancient naturalist and protector of the family home.
    • St.Vlas’s natural wealth is in the rare combination of sea and mountain, a unique feature for our Black Sea resorts. The last mountains slope gradually down to a wide beach of fine yellow sand with a gentle entry to the sea. Mountain and sea air masses mix in a specific combination that clears the air and makes the climate here beneficial for treatment of the respiratory system and allergies throughout the year. Quite deservedly, St.Vlas was declared a climatic resort in 1963 and remains the only one in Bulgaria ever since. There is more: The resort is entirely south-facing, which gives it more direct sunshine during the summer and the transitional seasons, whilst at the same time remaining protected by the mountains at the back.

    The natural combination of sea and mountain is so unique that St.Vlas residents and guests talk about its ‘unique aura’ and ‘astonishing energy’. All guests notice the beneficial impact of climate, especially upon children with longer stays. Children breathe lighter, improve their appetite and vitality and stay healthier throughout the winter.

    • 40 minutes by car to the nearest airport, Burgas (BOJ) with regular and charter flights from all of Europe in the months of May to September; with Wizz Air flights to London and Ryan Air flights to 10 other destinations.
    • 3,5 hours on the new highway to the capital Sofia and the biggest airport in Bulgaria (SOF)
    • 3 hours by car to Bucharest Airport (OTP) in Romania.
    • 4,5 hours drive to Istanbul airports and only 3,5 hours to the newest airport in Turkey near our border.
    • Vlas port is reachable by boat or yacht.
  • St.Vlas beaches are municipal, open to the public and lifeguarded. Wide natural sandy strips extend each side of the Marina Dinevi port along the length of the sea front. Like everywhere in Bulgaria the entrance to the sea is smooth and the seabed is sandy and clean. The Black Sea has insignificant tides and there are no dangerous currents. In the summer the sea water temperature is about 25°

    The Caribbean look of St.Vlas beaches is enhanced by wooden sunbeds with fern parasols, wooden beach swings with draperies and beach loungers with thick matted roofs shading the soft settees and small tables below. Even the lifeguard posts are Caribbean-styled.

    St.Vlas beaches are ‘Blue Flag’ beaches. This is the European certification for guaranteed water quality, safety and the provision of beach services. Half of the beach is a free beach area. Our kids corner, part of our children’s activity programme, is located on the beach close to La Playa bar and operates every day from 9.30am until 13.30pm

    Besides the good bars and restaurants on the beach there is a large water sports center offering pedalos, canoes, slides, water jets, trampolines and a sailing school for children and adults. Also, the beach boasts a large massage centre, beach volleyball courts and a medical care point.

    The cost of the sunbeds and parasols is 8 leva per unit per day (4 Euros).

  • The Dinevi Resort guests who booked their holiday via this web site, on the telephone/e-mail or via some of our partners will receive free 1 parasol and 1 sunbed on the beach, per apartment, for every day of their stay.

  • Besides the good bars and restaurants on the beach there is a large water sports center offering pedalos, canoes, slides, water jets, trampolines and a sailing school for children and adults. Also, the beach boasts a large massage centre, beach volleyball courts and a medical care point.

    The cost of the sunbeds and parasols is 8 leva per unit per day (4 Euros).



Yacht Port Marina Dinevi 

  • MARINA DINEVI is the name of the yacht port in St.Vlas, actually the most modern yacht port in Bulgaria. This modern facility has all the facilities needed for berthing and maintaining over 300 yachts, including royal size yachts over 25m in length.

    The marina infrastructure includes administrative offices, a service centre and a yacht accessories and equipment shop.

    For more details see the Marina Dinevi website

  • Marina Dinevi was the first yacht port in Bulgaria to develop and validate yacht chartering as a professional service in Bulgaria. Several yachts are chartered from Marina Dinevi, including one of the biggest yachts under the Bulgarian flag, the Ferretti 830.

    Professionally trained yacht crew care for the peace of mind and the convenience of guests. The high level of service has strengthened Marina Dinevi’s image as an elite port, the pride of St. Vlas and the entire coastline.

  • Next to the yachts on the quay you can see the Alley of Nations with 12 bas-reliefs representing heroes of other nationalities who have a connection with Bulgaria and especially with St. Vlas. Of course, the first two bas-reliefs are the Bulgarian heroes Vasil Levski and Hristo Botev, which were unveiled with great reverence on March 3, 2008.

    Our international guests here are delighted to discover their national hero at the Alley and feel St. Vlas close to their values. This ambitious project is ongoing, more bas-releifs will be added every year. The Alley has no equivalent in the country and shows the global spirit of St.Vlas.

  • Marina Dinevi’s well known boulevard is the favourite spot for a walk along the beach and is key to the development of the resort. This is also a prominent place for quality nightlife and fine dining with a choice of 8 gourmet restaurants, 3 nightclubs, boutiques and other entertainment. Here is the 5-star ‘Palace-Marina Dinevi’ Hotel and Casino Bellagio.

    There is always something happening at Marina Dinevi. The annual events of the Marina include the St.Vlas International Regatta, the St.Vlas Prize for Journalism, the St.Vlas Classic Art Festival, Retro Rally, Premium Rally Sofia – St.Vlas, VIP parties and other events.

    Being on the Marina in the evening, with the lights of Nessebar and Sunny Beach on the horizon, conveys a feeling that you are in the most opulent part of the bay.


Holidays in Sunny Beach

  • The pride of the famous Bulgarian Black Sea resort is the 10 km long beach strip stretching from ancient Nessebar to the modern yacht port of Sveti Vlas.

    Sunny Beach is

    407км to the east of  Sofia

    40км to the north of Burgas

    Nearest airports to Sunny Beach – Burgas (BOJ) 30км, Varna (VAR) 90км

  • A favourite place for family holidays, the resort is also renowned for its active nightlife, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

    Sunny Beach has a multitude of restaurants, beach bars and discos, shopping centres and open markets. Also the largest aqua park in Bulgaria, the long beachfront boulevard and countless entertainments and summer sports for all tastes and ages.

  • Only 4km from Sunny Beach is the ancient town of Nessebar, considered one of the oldest cities in Europe and a UNESCO world heritage site.

    23 ancient churches and cultural monuments are gathered on this small peninsula in the Black Sea, connected by a narrow isthmus to the new part of the city.

    Nowadays the ancient Nessebar strives to preserve its romantic atmosphere with narrow paved streets, small squares, stone-built two-storey houses with bay windows, alongside souvenir shops and taverns, all in the embrace of the surrounding sea.

  • Check here the SUN VILLAGE complex in Sunny Beach, the perfect base to explore the coastline.

    Comfortable apartments for 2-6 people 700m from the beach in the famous resort.

  • Pamporovo
  • Pamporovo2
  • Pamporovo 3

Holidays in Pamporovo

  • …  Bulgaria’s sunniest winter resort. It is also the third most popular ski resort in our country. Pamporovo  is situated in the mystic and beautiful natural landscape of the Rhodope Mountains.

    Pamporovo is:

    220км to the south of Sofia,

    85км to the south of Plovdiv,

    260км to the south-west of Burgas and Sunny Beach.

    The nearest airports to PamporovoPlovdiv (PDV) 85км, Sofia (SOF) 220 км

  • Winter in Pamporovo is mild, without sharp temperature variations and without the danger of avalanches. Snow cover reaches 140-150 cm.

    Most importantly, sunny days predominate, with over one hundred days of sunshine between December and March.

  • The combined ski area of Pamporovo-Mechi Chal has 39 km of ski-runs for alpine disciplines with various difficulties, 30 km of cross-country ski routes and numerous ski schools and ski-rentals.

    Almost all ski slopes in Pamporovo start from Snezhanka Peak, at altitudes between 1400 m and 1926 m. Slopes for beginners and intermediate skiers predominate, making Pamporovo ideal for families and skiing novices.

  • Ski-Centre Studenets has established itself as the more progressive and sought-after area in Pamporovo, ahead to the center of the resort.

    Besides being right next to the ski slopes, Studenets incorporates the newly built hotels and apart-complexes, with all the expected services and infrastructure.

  • The Grand Monastery apart-complex is among the most popular hotels in Studenets, Pamporovo.

    t its higher level the complex has a ski-in/ski-out out exit to the green ski-run leading to the main four-seater chairlift. There is a ski slope and drag lift perfect for beginners and for sledging just in front of the complex’s parking area.